Close-Up: Adding a personal touch

Close-Up also known as table, roaming or mingling magic, is performed in an intimate one-to-one setting. It brings the fun directly to the audience; giving them their own individual show and sharing the experience of magic up close and personal. The show generally involves sleight-of-hand, using everyday items as props to entertain and enthrall. It’s a great icebreaker, perfect to get people mingling and talking with each other.


One-to-one magic with everyday objects: Playing cards, coins, bills....
Mix and mingle, walk act

Ideal to break the ice and get your guest talking Great for cocktail parties, receptions and after work events, corporates, hospitality suites, wrap parties, award banquets, golf tournaments and everywhere where a formal show is not suitable. No space required, very flexible.

5-10 min per table
to book from one hour up to four hours